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All you have to do is talk to your neighbors.


We can't possibly talk to everyone in the voting district, but if you can talk to five or so people just on your street, it would be a huge help.

Meet Will

Will was born and raised in Lawrence Park. Growing up he spent his summers days at Barringer and Napier playground. He attended Iroquois High School, where he played basketball and is part of the graduating class of 2005.

After high school Will went to college in Western NY for education, while in NY he worked at Silver Creek School District as a one on one aide. After moving back to Erie, Will worked in the Erie School District for 5 years as a Teacher's assistant at Wilson Middle School.

In the summer of 2015 Will was selected as a contestant for the "Live in a bus, Tuition is on us" competition presented by local radio station Happi 927. Will spent 54 days living on a bus, day and night, until tuition to Mercyhurst North East was awarded to him and two other winners. After the competition was over, he was offerd a job at Happi 927 as the promotions director. Will has lived in Wesleyville for four years and was re-elected to a 4-year term on Wesleyville Borough Council last November.



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Will Crotty